The Journey is richest when it’s shared

If I run, I can’t hide because everywhere I turn the word “journey” is there. I don’t know what’s happening in the universe, but I do know what’s happening with me here on this planet. Every day this week every acquaintance, every call, every meeting, every appointment, every class, every event, and every errand is another step in this journey.


On Friday, I go to yoga early, so I don’t set my intention for the day until later. When I sat down early this afternoon to write my intention, I quickly typed “j-o-u-r-n-e-y” before I read the Proverb below: “The journey is the reward”. 

Wednesday when I opened Courage to Change I read this quote from Ursula LeGuin: “It is good to have an end to journey towards, but is the journey that matters in the end.”

As simplistic as this sounds, when a word keeps appearing in my life, I like to revisit its definition.
Courtesy of Merriam-Webster

I read its three meanings and thought:

  1. I am passing through many places, where upon experiences there move me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This time of year always brings “journey” in its spiritual form front and center in my mind: I think of the birth of Christ, as well as when I look back at the year, and look forward to the next one.
  2. When someone wrote life is a trip, it wasn’t just about the drugs, the trip is constant and it’s two-fold. For example, I don’t physically travel to Essencia nearly every day to solely practice yoga; I travel there to practice yoga to continue my spiritual journey through meditation and reflection which provides me with the physical space in my mind, so I can be open to the experiences of everyday life.
  3. Life is a journey, you can divide that up into days or a lifetime, enough said.

When I envision the journey’s reward, I recall the story my Grandma told my Aunt Karen shortly before dying. I hope I recall this correctly, my Grandma said that she arrived in heaven and there were all these people there to greet her, miles and miles of them. She was walking past them, like the Grand Marshall at a her own parade. Every person was there for her, and each one was someone she knew or whose life she touched. She was still in the living world when this happened. Through the grace of God she was given this moment to appreciate her life before her death; it allowed her to see the depth of her contribution while on this Earth; the magnitude of her love and its impact; and the greatest gift was the presence of mind and spirit to unselfishly share such a blissful moment with her youngest daughter.

Many years passed before I was told that story. Every time I think of it, I smile. Because that’s what the journey is about: Living a good life. Being good to others. Being true to yourself. Loving both your neighbor and enemy. Being empathetic, generous, and honest. Being grateful for every day of your journey, and for every person you meet.

My favorite little journey story was just up a hill when Bridget was about two or three years old. We were hiking on a cold fall day, and she called out when we made it to the top. She recognized the goal. And we celebrated it. Till this day, I don’t remember the hike up the hill, but I do remember our elation. The journey is richest when it’s shared, as my Grandma knew so well.





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