Favorite things (a work in progress)

The Art Institute of Chicago

The camera on my phone

The Crown




Morning moon

Evening moon

Spotting galaxies

The dogs talking to one another

My daughter’s smile

My daughter’s laugh

My daughter’s hugs

When my daughter climbs into bed with me

My nieces’ laughter

Friday mornings at Essencia with my usual suspects

Early morning laughs and tears with my usual suspects

The perfect cup of coffee

The perfect coffee mug

Being in my parent’s basement surrounded by every member of our family

A good run


Walks with the dogs

Spotting hawks

The Sound of Music

A real letter or card in the mail

The smile of a stranger

Large snowflakes

Being vulnerable at Improv classes

Being present at Improv shows

Driving East on Roosevelt near Nicoll Way and spotting the Chicago skyline

Driving north on the Stevenson and spotting the Chicago skyline

The Chicago Skyway

Lower Wacker Drive

South Lake Shore Drive

Lake Michigan

The Illinois River

The Coast of Maine

The Coast of Oregon

The Coast of California

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

The sound of the ocean

The fury of the ocean

Looking at my feet in the ocean and feeling connected to the Earth in both a real and surreal way

Dogs running on the beach


Ryan Adams

Love Actually

It’s a Wonderful Life

George Lassoing the moon

Mary Bailey

Buffalo Girls

Wallace Stegner

Robert Frost

Sinead O’Connor

A fire on a cold night, outside in a pit or inside it its place

Kids eating smores

My name

Remembering my Grandma’s smile

Remembering my Dad chasing us around the house tickling us as kids

Remembering my Dad’s beard in the morning when he came home from a shift at the firehouse

Remembering my Dad rubbing his scratchy beard and cold face on our cheeks as we ate our breakfast

Wooden Nickels

The surprise of finding money in clothing

Fresh cut flowers

Long stem roses

Flowers in a tall vase in my living room window

Summer Hisbicus


My home filled with people who I love

The promise of spring

The assurance of fall

The depth of winter

The warmth of summer

The change in each season

The white space between tree branches

The Crow

A female Cardinal

The needles on any pine tree

The squirrels gathering nuts

The dogs’ insatiable thirst for squirrels

Squirrels talking to the dogs

Dogs talking back

Pine cones, all shapes and sizes

The sap on your fingers when you pick up a pine cone

Green grass

Brittle leaves

Ice on the edge of the sidewalk that you when you walk upon the cracks release the water underneath

Yellow snow

Tree boughs filled with snow

Rainy days

Dining alone


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