Lost hat, found on picnic table, near Illinois River, photo by Karen Craven
Least Favorite Things

Least favorite things and counting …

I'd like to think this will shrink, but it won't.

Grey days

Losing my favorite hat

Putting the clothes away

Cleaning the shower and bathtub

This scene from Love Actually

Being late

Picking up Bridget’s clothes off the floor

Looking at Bridget’s nasty toothpaste caked all over her sink

Picking up Bridget’s empty LaCroix cans


Waking up without my night guard, after a long night of grinding my teeth

Stupid people (insensitive/ disrespectful)

Mean people

Selfish people

Half an empty bed

Looking for my glasses when they are on my face

Online dating



Sick dogs

Sick kids

Dog Farts

Dogs getting skunked



Picking up dog poop

Passive aggressive behavior

Last good-byes

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