Making my own sunshine

It’s December 18, clearly not Groundhog day.

But Monday is looking a lot like Sunday.

Instead of starting the day disgruntled by another grey day, I chose to make my own sunshine. My first ray of sunshine came in the form of my coffee cup. Choosing the right cup is critical in setting the tone for the day.



Next, I thought music will help. I opened YouTube and typed “song sunshine” which quickly produced a load of songs, starting with Bill Withers “”Aint No Sunshine.” Two which I thought, “No shit Sherlock, I am looking for sunshine” and kept reading to find one song that brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face.

Maggie, Ann, Mary, and Annmarie may remember this: Spring 1998 a bar at Bass Lake for my Bachelorette Party. Maggie made me a proper top, it was embellished with green sequins and emblazoned with BRIDE, the capital letters were hand cut from bright purple satin. I wore it proudly and sang this song.

This morning when I thought about sunshine songs that make me happy, John Denver was the first artist to come to mind. How can you not be happy listening to this? Plus when I think of John Denver, I think of my brother Kevin, who (almost) always makes me smile.

When Bridget was a baby I played Elizabeth Mitchell’s album You Are My Sunshine every night. I used to sing this song to her as I rocked her to sleep. I love this song.

And, why this was top of mind this morning, I am not sure because sunshine is noticeably absent. “Take these broken wings and learn to fly,” makes me happy, so I am going to roll with it.

This weekend my friend Karin and I went for a walk followed by breakfast. It was Saturday, and it was sunny. As I got into to the car and we headed to Blackberry Market,  she asked if I like the Carpenters, and I responded yes, of course, I do! She said, she thought we needed a little Karen Carpenter. So Karin with an “i” and Karen with “e” jammed (if that’s what you want to call it) to Karen Carpenter. So, this song which on any other day would likely make me melancholy, today, and forevermore will make me think of the joy Karen Carpenter brought us Saturday morning.

Happy Monday. Today is what we make of it. And I am going to work toward a Kodachrome kind of day, and am wishing you the same.

2 Thoughts

    1. Thanks, Donna. I recently stopped in the coffee cup aisle at Goodwill and purchased a few more. The mugs are usually 50-cents, and now have a few more options. And the music was fun. Thanks again for following me!


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