Breaking a leg

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” Frank Herbert

Last month I committed to writing for 90 days straight. The commitment came one month after I purchased the WordPress site, that hosts this blog. Today’s quote from his quote reminded me of that morning.

@cravenktc November 1 tweet

I went back to Twitter to revisit the quote that I chose that morning from Momentum Dash. Every morning, my Surface Pro’s dashboard greets me with a picture of someplace I have likely never been and I pause in awe of its beauty and tell myself that I’ll go there someday, then I look at the inspirational quote offered and if I like it I tweet it, if not I continue to click on the remaining four options until I find the one that sets the tone for my day, and then I set my intention. I can’t find what I set my as my intention on November 1, but I imagine that it was something like “get shit done” which I often use when I am feeling motivated.

“What you seek is seeking you.” 

I felt really awake that morning. The quote was spot on. It helped me focus and make four commitments:

  • Sign up for classes at Westside Improv
  • Break it off with a man who I had briefly been seeing, who lied too many times
  • Attend the “Run As You Are” national training on in Minneapolis hosted by VoteRunLead
  • Purchase this WordPress site to write the blog that I said I would always write but never had

Why am I revisiting all of this, today, two months and four days later? Because I have now successfully completed three of the four commitments I made to myself that morning! Woohoo!

My first class at Westside Improv was that same day, November 1. That evening, tucked below Front Street, on a 10′ x 20′ stage painted black, my fellow players and I made a circle and introduced ourselves. We were asked to share something unusual, something no one knew, so I told my fellow players that one half hour prior to our class beginning, I broke it off with a fellow who I had dated briefly, and that just moments before class began he arrived at the theater, to convince me that I needed to leave the class and speak with him, because he was more important than this class. I explained to him, that no, lies aren’t acceptable and that trust matters. I essentially trusted the group of strangers in the basement theater more than him and that my class was more important and that he needed to leave because this was my time and my space, and we were done.

Our teacher Jeff questioned me, “This just happened?”

“Yes,” I said.

“And you chose us?”

“Yes,” I said, again.

To which he replied, “Wait. We do have one more person who signed up, what did you say his name is?”

My jaw and heart fell at the thought that this fellow who I just broke it off with had also signed up for this class. And then I laughed out loud, at Jeff’s quick wit, and I knew that all of us were in good hands and that I certainly made the right choice.

Tonight, two months and five nights after we started our journey into Improv, we will take the stage and perform. I have no idea, what a scene will entail, who my character will be, what my gender will be, how my voice will sound, what my lines will be, or where the scene will be set, but I do know I am supposed to say yes and have fun.

I have made good on all of the commitments that I made on November 1. The blog still has 60 days of consistent writing left, I broke it off with that guy, attended the national training to run for office, and enrolled in Improv. There is great satisfaction in accomplishment.

Today on January 6, I am not dating anyone. I am not running for office. Instead, I accepted an appointment as a Democratic precinct committeewoman and will work this cycle to get women and non-billionaires into elected office. I have signed up for the Advanced Improv class, which I won’t start until after this evening when I will join my fellow players to celebrate our education in the form of a 25-minute set. The audience will be filled with the friends and families of my players and me, and strangers, who will seek out joy and laughter, plenty of which we hope to provide them.

I am so glad that I woke up November 1, opened my eyes and mind, and embraced new opportunities that led to some wonderful experiences that make me grateful for another day. I am so excited to break a leg tonight, and every day, hereafter.


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