My insignificant loss

Yesterday I changed internet service providers from Comcast to Wow. I did this for a few reasons, the only one that really matters is money. My monthly service was recently increased by $30 a month. We don’t have cable, we don’t have a landline, and I don’t think I should pay $80 a month for service.

So I checked out the competition, did my own Facebook survey of my friends, and landed with Wow. I thought it was curious that I had no interruption in service yesterday. I also thought it was odd that the installation tech insisted I get a new modem, because the current modem that we own was insufficient for the new speeds I will have with Wow.

Well guess what? I don’t have any service now. I will get a $6 credit on my bill for my trouble though! Thanks Wow! Especially for the tech who never connected the Wow service. I still have Comcast service, in spite of my cancellation. When I switched out the old modem with the new modem, Comcast didn’t recognize it. After an hour on the phone with Wow and another hour with Comcast, which both claim to be providing me service, I have no service. The only page I can access via my new modem is an activation page for Xfinity.

I am typing this nearly senseless blog post about my frustration on my phone. This comes on the same day that my furnace guy told me that I need a new motor for the furnace, which added to my frustration. My nerves were frazzled when Bridget called me over to sit down with her. She gave me a hug and then we started to watch the local news. She told me a police officer had been shot.

Chicago Police Officer Commander Paul Bauer was killed today at the State of Illinois / Thompson Center. I texted my friend Maggie, and sent my condolences. I immediately remembered the day her fellow Chicago Police Officer John Knight died in Maggie’s arms almost 20 years ago.

Then I cried. Life and death puts things into perspective. My problems are small today. They’ll be fixed tomorrow. A wife lost her husband. A daughter lost her father. A Chicago police district lost a beloved Commander. And a city lost a dedicated public servant. I lost internet service. My loss is insignificant.

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