Inhumane Itch

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will one of you please produce an ice sack that will put this fire out?" she pleaded in prayer.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will one of you please produce an ice sack that will put this fire out?” she pleaded in prayer. “I could really use a fucking miracle right about now!”

She’s never experienced pain like this. Such pain. Pain like this she’d never wish upon her worst enemy, well maybe one, a thought that momentarily helped ease the pain. Right, that pain. There it is again. This is incomparable. Inhumane. Cruel. It exceeds all previous records. It beats the pain she felt when her sister kicked off her toe, when the plastic surgeon in the emergency room cut out part of her busted lip and then stitched it up, when the urgent care physician stitched a separate baker’s dozen in her split scalp,  even childbirth without a sedative or epidural paled in comparison.

Worse than the pain itself is being unable to recall what caused it or predict when it would depart. Excruciatingly painful curiosity now plagued her brain as she deliberately reviewed her movements of the last few days.

What did she eat?

What did she touch?

Where did she step or run?

Who did she see?

Where did she see them?

Questions with answers that yield nothing.


Wait, wait, wait! One thing did happen. Yes, yes, that thing that had not happened in a very long time. So long she considered herself born again, though thank God it was better than the first time. Back then it was ick, ick, ick. This week was yes, yes, yes. Sometimes age has its benefits. Wow. How could she forget that? As she gave it a second thought, she smiled. There was nothing bad about it. In fact, it was pretty exceptional, in spite of the jacket.

The smile turned upside down. Shit, fuck, damn. Grimace. This pain could not be cured with hydrocortisone. Son of a bitch, get the Benadryl. Why hadn’t she thought about it earlier? Mother of God. It was a rubber reaction.

Note: Thanks to Dale at A Delectable Life, who commented on Pregnant Pauses, Rubber Reactions, Painful Self-Awareness yesterday.  She was struck by: “I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you” a phrase we used all the time as children. I suggested rubber reaction as a writing prompt because when I saw the words together this morning, I obviously found the two words could be joined for many other reasons.

15 comments on “Inhumane Itch

  1. Old Blue Eyes would’ve loved this take.

    It’s always fun when you get ‘prompted’ to write something.

    Peace and prompts

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh lordy! This was highly entertaining (sorry, though wrought with pain 😉 )
    And rubber reaction opens it up even wider than rubber bouncing… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So you are the 3rd trio member with Dale and Marc. Wow – that’s grounds for counseling! Meanwhile, a lot of pain here – almost as close as Marc’s barbequed balls.

    Liked by 2 people

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