Maggie’s real fairy tale

“She always believed in love,” Dawn said.

I listened and nodded my head in agreement. Our friend Maggie exchanged wedding vows with her husband John Saturday night. Dawn and I lovingly looked at our friend Maggie on the dance floor. Our hearts were full of love and admiration.

“I’m so happy that she held out for the one,” I said.

“Yes, she always believed in the fairy tale, and now she has it,” Dawn said.

Reflecting on Saturday night this Monday morning, I realized that a wedding is a precursor to a funeral. You are surrounded by all the people who love you today and will miss you when you are gone. I’ve known Maggie since January of 1994. I wrote about Maggie when I started Table for One. I have known Maggie for more than half my life. I knew Maggie before she met Dawn, yet years after she met Chris, Chrissy, Vicki, Tara, Kathy, Jeannie and hundreds of others who filled the banquet hall Saturday night. Every friend of Maggie believes she is her best friend. Maggie has this unique talent of making every person feel special.

I sat with a couple Saturday night who beamed with love. If John and Maggie did not know Sarah and Amy, their own fairy tale together would have never begun. Sarah and Amy introduced the newlyweds to one another. As they told me the story, out on a double date, where within one-hour seats were shuffled so John and Maggie could sit closer to one another. The only difference from Maggie’s version of their first acquaintance, “I found the male version of me”.

And that is awesome! Because anyone who knows Maggie wants to be in her presence. Her smile lights up a room, and personality is beyond sparkling. She is light and happiness. Put John and Maggie together, well there are fireworks for sure and the world is a better place with them together.

I really wanted to celebrate this milestone with Maggie Saturday. I miscalculated my timing and missed the vows. I was upset with myself, but I have a feeling that something inside of me arranged the tardiness. I’m not sure if I was ready to witness the I do’s. I often tell myself, if your own quirks, hangups, or in my case heartbreaks, prevent you from unselfishly appreciating the milestones of your loved ones, then you should opt out. Thanks to Maggie’s family and friends, whose smiles emulated Maggies’ own, I received snippets of the vows. I imagined the next chapter of her fairy tale. In my version,  Maggie said something like this,

“I would not change one decision, every frog, or toad or fish that I kissed, led me to you. There are no mistakes in life. Every acquaintance bore a lesson. Every frog was someone’s future prince. When we appreciate what the frog taught us, and we use that experience to grow and aspire, well we change. Those frogs are iterations, morphing us into precisely the right person that someone else is looking for. All those frogs led me to you, John. My prince, my love.” 

Fate? Karma? Love? Fairy tales?

Yes, I believe in all of them.

Maggie and John, surrounded by a lifetime of friends of family prove that we all have a better half waiting for us. And we’ll find him or her when we are willing and able to open our hearts and minds to the idea and reality that fairy tales do come true.

10 Thoughts

  1. I just saw my comment done “distappeared”!
    Maggie sounds like a wonderful person so John must be as well. Love. So beautiful.
    And kudos to you for admitting that maybe you were accidentally on purpose late.
    And your imaginary vows are great. There are a great number of frogs to kiss before one of them is our prince. Doesn’t take anything away from each one of them because, yes, there is one for them out there.

    On a totes different note… I received my copy of the book “Lucy, Go See” which I started last night…

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    1. Hey, I don’t know what happened to your comment? Bummer? Thank you. Maggie is beyond swell and Maggie and John together are evidence of the existence of fate. I’m glad you received it. I looked at it on the bookcase the other day, and I wondered if you received it. I haven’t started it yet.

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  2. I believe in love, but matrimony? For me? Not sure I do believe in that any longer. It’s not cynicism or bitterness, not at all. I just am not the same person I was back then. Things change. And I kinda love the difference.

    To me, when two people commit to each other forever, it’s a special event and I am in awe of such a thing. And I respect everything about it, and I love the romance and the challenges and all of that. And I don’t think I have to aspire to such a thing in order to appreciate it.

    Great piece, Karen!

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    1. Thank you. Since I obviously haven’t done well in the marriage arena, I don’t expect to marry or event aspire to marry again. I do think it’s amazing that Maggie and John, in their four-plus decades of life, did not marry before. And that’s why in their case I believe in fate.

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      1. Absolutely. I loves me a good love story, even if it ain’t mine, lol.
        I have nothing against marriage, but if I never marry again, I will be alright with that. I don’t see life the same way I did all those years ago when I married a very lovely girl in spite of the many questions. I regret nothing, because I have two wonderful, amazing kids. Sometimes fate isn’t about two people spending the rest of their lives together. Sometimes it’s much more important than that.

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