Prompt | A miracle in the Caddyshack

He doublechecked his father’s playbook. Hooray! His second miracle. Using the holy water really boosted the passion and spice of this barrel’s bouquet

Being savior isn’t so bad. His first rodeo was riddled with prostitutes, lepers, zealots, and hypocrites. Outside the Caddyshack’s window, a busybody blasphemed about Joseph divorcing Mary upon learning His conception was immaculate. He’d rather live among dinosaurs than gossips.

Nonetheless, Jesus hung the cross outside the clubhouse’s window. He placed the hot dogs in one of the steamer’s compartments beside their buns and readied the deep fryer for the twinkies. Quickly, one golf cart pulled up behind the next, driven by the pompous sons and daughters of bitches cheating on their plastic wives and adulterating their boy toys, all pursuing absolution at the end of His drive-thru.

He prayed, paused and filled his mug with more wine. Christ knew it would be a long afternoon.

Note: Oh what fun! I read a story about water and twinkies and shared it with Marc from Sorryless today. We extracted the following words from our conversation: Jesus, holy water, drive-thru, twinkies, wine, dinosaurs, passion, busybody, clubhouse, cross, and absolution. And no, you can’t have a transcript. We capped this at 150. Dale, from Dalectable Life and Frank from A Frank Angle, were also invited. So we’ll see what this quartet produces.


18 Thoughts


    I would definitely go to see this Jesus movie! Now Imma hook you up with a Godly soundtrack of mostly 80’s tunes and we are off and running!

    Yeah, yanno . . . I often wonder about Joseph, post IC. I mean, poker nights with the boys had to be torturous! He was probably like “Son! Get out here and work your magic with this bucket of water! And smite these guys while you’re at it will ya?”

    So very well played, and once again KC . . you are quick on the draw!

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