Craving more Craven

“Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” Maya Angelou

I was looking for inspiration.

Craving more “me” time.

Time to write. Time to focus. Time to reconnect with the keyboard and thoughts, words, and ideas swirling around in my head. Life has been in flux.

I could write right now “be careful what you wish you for” but writing that would be foolhardy when I declared my intention, and the world responded in-kind.

The Masterpiece of Fog, April 22, 2018

In January, I acknowledged the fog. At which time, I asked God for the right opportunity to present itself within 90 days. If it didn’t, I would list the house for sale by April 30. On April 16, the fog lifted. I accepted the opportunity that I prayed was the “right opportunity” just ten days earlier when I wrote: “She wanted today to be both an ending and a beginning“.

I’ve been dancing between grateful, excited, and sad the last six weeks. ‘Tis true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s how I feel about Table for One. I didn’t abandon it. I have been waiting for a prompt to trigger time with the keyboard. And that came tonight.

First up, Bridget and I visited my sister and brother in law last weekend. My sister insisted that I make more time for yoga. And she is right. Since last December, I went from practicing nearly every day, to nothing for 90 days, then eventually up to three to four days a week, and now I am at one. One hour of one week is not enough.


We talked at some point about yoga between walks, and meals, creatures and more. I thought about making time for me when I read about Russell and Sheryl last weekend. The cravens are a cross between a raven and a crow at The Creature Conservancy in Saline, MI. We saw them on the tail end of our visit. I regret I didn’t have more time with them. Even my pictures were crap. I know what I am not craving time with birds, I crave more time for Karen Craven.

Make no mistake. Life has been good. I asked the world to deliver a meaningful career change by April 16 and it happened. I work with great people, and I love what I do. I have a plate filled with challenges, or as I like to refer to them as a perfect storm of opportunities. Yet, balance is noticebly absent. And I miss it. And yes, not to overuse the word, I crave it.

Tonight when I listened to Jeannine’s voice as I read about the “Celebration of Intention” I knew I needed to make time to share my story. To have a party, to be grateful, to be around and in the company of people who I love.

In January, I gave myself 90 days for the world to listen and act and it did. One recent Saturday morning a friend at yoga shared that she overheard me sharing the 90-day fruitful intention with another friend. I was honored when she told me my story inspired her to commit to her goal, too.

What we bring to the table, knowingly or not, matters. A random yet sincere Yelp review led me to Essencia in September 2016. I had a very broken heart. I sought refuge and respite. I wanted peace, but first, heartache and anger needed attention. I found compassion and kindness. I found friendship and love. I found what I craved. I craved to know me, and I found her through my practice at Essencia. Then, I found her voice right here.

The peace found within is a powerful force. And like anything alive, we need to purposefully nurture it. I’ve been absent from a lot, this blog included, but I have been tending to some other things, all good. As I seek balance in the days and months ahead, I might not be able to acquire the frequency to write that I crave, but I will commit to being purposeful and carving out an hour of “Karen Craven” a week. I’m excited to share with my fellow yogis my story of the process to find oneself and the right intention, and when to tell the world you are ready and crave change. There’s nothing careful in that wish. It’s all true, the kind of truths that we find in our most vulnerable moments, so many of which I found right here, flying solo, yet never alone.



11 Thoughts

  1. Welcome! And Wow! And Yeah!

    All of them. And yes to that last thought . . that “nothing is careful in that wish,”. Indeed, you’ve turned a few corners over this past year, leaving behind despair and doubt and seeking change . . . head on. I’m so happy for you.

    Peace and Craven

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  2. I have been thinking of you, Karen. Wondering what’s going on, why you’re not writing yet feeling the need to not intrude. I am so glad I didn’t. Much as I missed reading you, I understand, We have moments where we must choose where to spend our time. Even if it means we cannot seem to write when we feel we want to.

    I haven’t done a “real” post in a while. 100 or 150-word stories are not a true share but kind of keep me sort of connected. In a weird way.

    I, too, love that “there is nothing careful in that wish. I want to be childish and say “Me, too; Me too!” in being very glad to have met you….

    You keep carving out Craven time… I’m working on trying to carve out Rogerson time… May we both be successful… xoxo

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    1. So funny and true. I have been thinking of you. And the emails with the 100-150 words come through and I think where is Dale? What is she “really” up to? I hope the house sale is near. I know new and promising chapters await you! Cheers to “me time”!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes… I have a what I’m “really” up to coming up… almost started writing it at midnight but forced myself to catch up on sleep… today is the 6th day in a row of work and my body is protesting. Loudly.
        Haven’t had a house visit in three weeks… it will come when it comes!

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