Crystal Fencepost | Day 10 of 120

“The greatest project you’ll ever work on is you.”


I opened the curtains and the rooftops were covered. It looked cold outside and the thermostat confirmed it. The outdoor temperature read 14 degrees. On account of which, I flipped my routine around and walked the dogs last instead of first.

I figured we’d pick up a few degrees by postponing our morning walk a half an hour. I was right. It was a balmy 17 degrees by the time I took the dogs out. Cold or not, it was magical outside. A winter wonderland. Everything was crystal. The grass. The trees. The fencepost.

This morning was an exercise in looking at the things I see every day in a slightly different way. It was impossible not to look at the world differently after it transformed overnight. The fencepost featured in the above picture is two blocks from my house. It’s part of a fence in a front yard on a corner house right across the street from a park. As we neared it, I first noticed the bushes along the park-side of the street. Everything was coated with a smidge of ice that under the early morning sun made everything belonging to them sparkle.

As I approached the fence, I did a second take. The crystals were so distinct, they looked like jagged glass pieces of weathered wood. I didn’t have the heart to touch them. They were so perfect. My acquaintance with those crystals had me smiling the rest of the way home. When we arrived there I studied the frozen branches of the lilac and rose bushes. I didn’t touch them either.

My morning walk was a gift that came with an expiration date tagged “Enjoy now, gone later“.

I’m glad that I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the magic of every season, and the counterpoints in life. Summer doesn’t bring the crystals I saw this morning, and winter doesn’t bring butterflies. Every season brings with it unique gifts for us to savor if we are open to receiving them.

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