Eavesdropping | Day 19 of 120

I heard this on the way to work yesterday.

“It’s an interesting temporary organism,” as he walked north on Wacker Drive, the man spoke those words into the microphone attached to his earbuds on one end and his phone on the other. His remarks were mixed with curiosity, excitement, and normalcy. The mixture of the words temporary and organism is what piqued my interest and own curiosity, triggering a reflex to grab my phone, hit the mic button, and speak:

It’s an interesting temporary organism man walking on Wacker Drive Wednesday

Now this Thursday morning, my vision of this man creating life in a Petri dish, standing in amazement of his God-like powers to create life, writing down his observations for a future submission to Nature, and his disappointment and relief as the life-form self combusts to depart this earth with as much vigor as it arrived, are abandoned with the realization that no matter what organism he spoke of, that all of life is temporary.

There is nothing permanent about our existence. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. All creation comes and goes. It’s the cycle of life or circle, whatever your preference. Our own remains may be buried, but eventually, all the flesh and brains that create our humanness will decompose, consumed by other temporary organisms, until the casket in which we are buried hold only the bones, remnants of the skeleton that once held us together.

I don’t find this reminder ominous. I find it liberating. Because all the nonsense swirling around the world through the Twitter sphere and more is also temporary. And I’m hopeful that the venom and greed and absolute distortion of power will too implode leaving nothing but dust in its wake.

I love eavesdropping.

15 Thoughts

  1. And you do eavesdropping so well 😉 Inciting us to join in on your “listenings”.
    A thoughtful post on this fine day. Yes, it is a good thing, that most things are temporary. Makes room for (hopefully) better.

    Speaking of joining in… I really must come up with my “Alaska” piece… the “Back to 1985” is stuck in a place I’m not sure I ought to go. Then again, maybe it is where I should. Sigh. You two cause me grief by making me work!

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  2. Oh, what wonderful eavesdropping! I agree with you, that quote was worth saving and using for a post. At first I thought of Frankenstein’s creator, and how he thought it was just temporary, but then…. But I really like the way you followed the thought into how we are all just temporary. Many people seem to forget this fact, and they take themselves waaayyyy too seriously. Here’s to enjoying the temporary pleasures of living (even the not so pleasurable parts) and grabbing life by the handful until ….. the hand is empty. (So glad I met you here, thanks to Dale…)

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  3. Hmmm … eavesdropping. Just like anything else regarding our senses, oh how much one can hear when they take time to listen. Never thought about weaving a post around a heard line – let alone one like that one!

    Congratulations on being the latest of Dale’s Advent honorees.

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  4. Ah, someone shares that past-time. I like to take those overheard snippets and build them into a full story, hopefuly a biography. Ah, the hours I have whiled away while waiting for overdue transport connections.
    And as to the transience of life: that thought did once lift me out of incipient depression. 🙂

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