Skip Christmas? | Day 23 of 120

My ears pricked at the words melancholy. We were heading home from my parents for our Craven Christmas Eve. I don’t know what program we were listening to on the radio but I immediately appreciated the honesty of the commentator. Melancholy nailed my mood.

The commentator went on, “Let’s face it, Christmas is about redemption. That’s exactly what Scrooge was about, he was in a dark place and he needed to see the light. I was a Scrooge for many years, but I found the light through my writing. And I am grateful for that.” He said a few more things, but my thoughts glommed on to his path toward redemption. Then he said, speaking of melancholy, here’s a new song, “Why not skip Christmas?” And he started to play it. Listening to it felt like the scene from Love Actually when Billy Mack is debuting his new hit, “Christmas is All Around”. The thought of skipping Christmas felt so wrong, yet I was smiling?

What does that mean?

Do I hate Christmas?

I could not imagine skipping a season of hope. Yes, a lot happens this time of year when I feel like my cup is half empty. The truth is it’s overflowing with blessings. There are “No Pity Parties on Christmas“. Not last year and not this year. It’s nearing 10 p.m. and there are still presents to wrap, stockings to stuff – and most important my greatest accomplishment and God’s greatest gift to me – a daughter to tuck in and kiss goodnight. I love Christmas. I wish you one filled laughter, light, and love. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Love this, Karen! (Especially since I watched “Love, Actually” yesterday for the umpteenth time… Love the whole snarkiness that is Billy Mack…
    And yeah, Christmas brings a lot of stress (self-imposed) and running around and I would loathe to skip it. Ever.
    Merry Christmas!!

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    1. Merry Christmas dear friend. Thanks Dale. Short and sweet. think I will watch Love Actually today, in between Mary Poppins. The Colin Firth story is my favorite. Bridget was almost Aurelia. I too have watched it more than a dozen times. Hope you have “snarky-less” Christmas!


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