Discovery | Day 31 of 120

“Everything you want to be, you already are. You’re simply on the path to discovering it.”

Alicia Keys

When Bridget was younger and asked if I would have another baby so she could have a brother or sister, I told her this:

When a woman is born, God gives her a certain number of eggs. God may have given me 100 or two. He gave me at least one, and you hatched out of that. I’m grateful God brought me you, but I don’t know if I get to lay another egg. Bridget understood chickens, eggs, and chicks. My answer blended chickens with the biology that includes women being born with a finite number of eggs. By using the eggs and hatching I avoided all the other factors that create a baby; way too complex for a two-year-old.

I was reminded of that experience when I read the quote from Alicia Keys this afternoon. I feel like most of 2018 was focused on discovery. As I look to 2019 I see that focus remaining constant, that journey still weaving, that discovery still revealing itself. Yesterday I released Karen Craven version 17,247. This year I have 364 versions ahead, and that will include some tall orders like selling my home, finding and buying a new one, and I’ll celebrate my daughter beginning high school.

Bringing it back to Keys quote, this year is no different than last; I remain committed to understanding everything that I am, want to be, and can be. And helping my daughter along that same path. God created us to be pretty remarkable human beings, and it takes time to realize our own greatness and appreciate our own talents. I am wishing you a bounty of blessings in 2019, and hope that we all fall in love with ourselves.

9 Thoughts

  1. We (all of us) create, recreate, amend and adjust our life-stories, often in a new light, with a new theme, every new day. And if we don’t do it the rest of the year, we certainly do on New Year’s Day! I guess that’s how we discover our true reality. 🙂

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