Crimson’s Creative Challenge | Photo Prompt

Some will walk right over the grate. If you attended Maria High School, you will walk around it, because the Lithuanian nuns convinced you there are men underground who will look up your polyester-pleated skirt, and today you can’t shake that thought even though you are wearing pants. Some will not see the grate before a foot slips through it resulting in an unprecedented test of your balance and potential serious injury. Then there are the exceptional ones. Those whose curiosity is piqued at the view below, whose selves purposefully pause in appreciation. How often in life do you look down at your feet and underneath you see light from a world above? You don’t. This is neither a glass ceiling or a reflection. It’s an unexploited Earth ready for you to proceed to the point of no return and plentiful new beginnings. It’s called heaven.

Note: thanks to Crimson’s Creative Challenge. You can find the directions here.

Details of the photo: East window in ruined church at South Burlingham (between Norwich and Great Yarmouth)

14 Thoughts

      1. That’s great, though. In Friday Fictioneers, our motto is “It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see”…
        So very sorry to hear that, Karen. My condolences to her and you and all who loved her.

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  1. Karen,

    So very true! This is the mind of a writer, to travel across the globe and through the universe without ever leaving your desk.

    And isn’t it funny how someone puts a thought like that in our heads and it never leaves us? I STILL avoid cracks in the sidewalks, sometimes.

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  2. Basically, I ditto Dale, love that you take a different view.
    As to the beneath-ground men, my mother was told only ‘loose’ women wore patent leather shoes, cos the men would see up your skirt in the reflection. 🙂

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