Monday train ride | Day 36 of 122

It’s unseasonably warm in Chicago. Today it rained most of the day. I’m unsure when it stopped. I didn’t leave the building because I brought my lunch to work. I didn’t get to the building’s gym to practice yoga this afternoon either. I did get a lot of work done. I’m traveling later in the week, which always seems to compress work deadlines. Work never stops even when the day’s progression does. I couldn’t keep track of the day on account of the grayness. The sun sliced through the gray sky about 4 p.m. at which time I felt my mood lighten.

The sun had already set an hour later when I left the building. The sidewalk was so shiny with sweat that I thought it snowed. It was in the 50s when I left the building to head to the train.

On board the train, I’m now seated by a man in serious need of a breath mint; whose oral health is mixed the with the odors created by a lot of sweatiness of a sardine-like packed train car. The conductor’s January uniform is weighing on him, beads of sweat dribble down his face as he collects tickets and checks passes.

Two men nearby me cough as if they are rehearsing for a role of an actor with pertussis or tuberculosis. My head stars to hurt. I rub my temples and regret leaving the essential oil in my office. It’s times like this when a little dab will you do you. I wish for a moment I could not smell. The man gets off at Lombard.

My prayers are answered. Pertussis keeps coughing. My station is next. Thank God.

16 Thoughts

  1. When I read something like this, my idea of looking for a job in downtown Montreal, and taking public transport so I can catch up on my reading loses its lustre. I haven’t taken public transport since 1995… this does not entice me to start up again (though I have zero plans as of yet).

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  2. KC,

    It’s funny the things you notice and where your mind wanders. And it can’t be unstuck once it goes there. Someone coughing always makes me think sickness, as if the person coughing is one of the four horsemen, come to deliver me a cold. And bad breath, ugh! That person will heretofore be known as the person with bad breath.

    Love your wandering pen.

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    1. Thank you. You are right! I felt stuck in a pig pen with mud and more rubbed in my face – a real shit show. The train was so packed that I was at the wrong end and walked a 1/4 mile to my car, the whole time walking fast and shaking off the sick feeling.

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