Quiet car cop

I avoid riding the quiet car in the morning after being admonished by a self appointed “Quiet Cop” some months ago. I half realized that I boarded the quiet car and as luck would have it, I’m sitting next to him this morning. Something appeared familiar during the 2 seconds it took for me to decide where to sit. And then I said, “Good morning” to which his back arched in all the pain and anger that those two words illicit.

Then I remembered his public scolding a few months ago. My new staff member called early and I knew it wasn’t good because she was traveling. I ducked down and whispered to her between my legs as if I were going to vomit. Our call lasted less than a minute. No sooner did I come up for air then the Quiet Car Cop went to town on me.

Looking back on it, my offense was so great I should have been tarred and feather on the spot.

This morning when I recognized him, his severe posture, and his convenient inability to hear my morning greeting I began to empathize with this tortured soul because I know how awful any type of greeting can be:


Nice to see you!


Catch you later!

Safe trip!

Good day!


Good evening!

For the love if God, Craven stop writing! Reading those pleasantries through his eyes, I realize that in an angry person’s mind “good” is an evil word.

Sitting next to grumpy pants/ quiet car cop is a good reminder to:

Remember that humans who use their words to communicate on occasion will use them even in quiet cars.

Instead of judging grumpy pants, I’ll say a prayer that his underpants untwist.

Taking oneself too seriously can lead to a painful death.

Cheers to a lovely Tuesday.

14 Thoughts

  1. The Quiet Car… who’d a thunk? Then again, some mornings, aren’t they all?
    Such a horrid thing to do but to wish someone “Good morning” – what a society we have become.
    You are most generous in sending him good vibes instead of simply ignoring him on all levels.

    Have a great day, Karen!

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    1. I think it’s pretty ironic to have a Quiet car in this day and age when so few people actually speak on any train car. Everyone’s nose is in their phone or the paper or a book. I hope he got my vibe! Don’t be a …

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  2. KC,

    You are such the better person. My prayer to him, one to which I would have whispered in his ear would’ve been this.

    “I hope they’re able to remove the stick from your ass soon,”

    I would’ve whispered it though, so’s not to end up on the watch list.

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      1. Cleanliness and playing keep away with one’s nose is important in a riding partner. So go for it. And as far as the rest of it, I find that saying good morning to peeps becomes the kind of habit you don’t break from. Sure, you’re going to get your share of non responses, but they never matter as much as the one person whose smile is returned in kind.

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