About Karen


I’ve been writing for a long time but rarely made time to write about me. Chances are no one really needs to or wants to read this, except me. I need this and want this, so that’s why I am doing this. On the off-chance that you are curious, and want to read about me, thanks for being curious. I love curious people and I am grateful to share my stories with you.

Here’s a little About Me:

Karen Craven was raised on the South Side of Chicago, the second of five children who were born in less than five years (twins at the end) to a former nun and Chicago firefighter; spent 13 years in Catholic schools; attended two universities and one college to get a bachelor of arts in 4.5 years; never planned on a master’s degree but has one; successfully petitioned a grade in college; successfully petitioned the Dean at NIU in protest; was president of her high school student council, the NIU Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and her daughter’s elementary school Parent Teacher Council; was bullied by the same person in grammar school, high school, and college; lived most of her life in Illinois; typically runs headstrong into love and crashes; has more love for her daughter than she can articulate; and is grateful for every day.

Karen’s professional career started when she was 12 with a paper route. She’s been a caddy, a waitress, a babysitter, and a Chicago “Jumping Jack” crew member. She worked at her church rectory, a flower shop, a country club, a snack shop, a dentist office, a health club, and The GAP. She was a photo journalist, a freelance writer, a columnist, a reporter, an editor, and a press secretary. She worked in print, TV, and radio. She’s seen dead people at crime scenes and in the morgue. She’s covered Congress and the Illinois Legislature. She’s held leadership positions in Public Affairs and Communications in government and corporate settings and with not for profits.

Throughout her life she stared #metoo in the face and often spat back at it; sadly sometimes she turned the other cheek. She believes gender inequality is what is at the heart of the problems in the United States. She believes we need gender equality and equity in the classroom, board room, and in Congress and all government entities.

She’s seriously dated almost as many men as she married and since divorced. She has one child, three dogs, an awesome and diverse circle of friends, and a family that she loves immensely who keep her equally crazed and sane. She’s worked primarily in communications and marketing the last decade. She’s currently taking Improv classes and was just appointed a Democratic precinct committeewoman. She practices yoga daily.

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